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•Exclusive Thermal break technology prevents tubes from overheating
• T8 saves up to $108 and T5 up to $162 in electricity over life
•No mercury. ROHS compliant.
•DLC listed for utility rebates.
•High lumen efficiency and excellent color rendition
•Replaces existing fluorescent lamps without removing ballast or rewiring.
•Long life. 50,000 hours. Five-year warranty
•Suitable for damp locations.
•Acrylic diffuser. No glass. Ideal for food grade applications
•Use with occupancy sensors will not shorten rated life

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Ideal tubes for replacing any current T8 & T5HO for uses with existing ballast. Abaco Lighting's SAF-TLED uses thermal break technology which prevents tubes from overheating. Patented “Thermal Break Technology” ensures safer installation and eliminates potential fire hazard.

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“Seeing is Believing”… We are so confident that you will be impressed with the ease of installation and light output from the new Abaco Lighting SAF-TLED™ lamps that we are willing to ship you a trial pack to test in a fixture in your facility. Click here to get yours today.

SAF-TLED LED replacement tubes are preferred by safety and maintenance managers across the US. Our products can be found in hundreds of facilities we have millions of square feet.

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